Read About Hindu Religion History in Hindi

Every religion has their own rituals and different specific characteristics which separates that specific religion from others. That’s why Hindu religion always stands on top, because Hindu religion is famous all over in the world for their unique and different culture. But there are many hidden facts in Hindu Itihas and lots of people are still not in touch with al these mysteries. Our main task is to introduce people about the hidden facts about the beliefs of Hindu culture. We discuss some sacred elements of the Hindu religion with their particular importance and significance.


Indian peoples give more importance to Jyotish (Astrology). India is famous for its rich tradition and the peoples of India has a great beliefs in Jyotish. They use to consult Jyotish before doing any important task, even Hindu marriages also fix through jyotish vidya. They have belief that by doing this they can secure there-self from any kind of misshaping. With the help of us you can read online jyotish in Hindi and can explore some important facts about the vedic astrology.

We introduce you with the whole Indian History and ancient stories related to Hinduism. We all know that Hindu religion is the worlds third largest religion and have billions of followers. Navy Hindu provides you the best platform where you can find every small facts of Hinduism. Here you can see the religious videos in Hindi which will help you to know more about the Hinduism culture.

Hindu religion believed that human body made up with the two things and that is body and soul. According to Hindu stories in India the soul (Atma) is thought to be everlasting and endless. It can be contrasted with vitality since vitality as indicated by researchers is not made or demolished. In the Bhagavad Gita (The Holy Book Of Hindus) Lord Krishna introduces all facts about the journey of human life. Our main motto is to introduce the people about the value and importance of Indian Hindu culture.