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The Concept of Marriage in Hindu Religion

Many books and religious sacred writings assert that Hinduism is the most established religion on the planet. Indeed, even the entire world knows about its rich culture. In the Hindu religion, marriage is a huge event; and many individuals characterize it as the bond, which is tied before the entire society and structures the purest bond between the men and the ladies. In Hindu culture, marriages are thought to be the most critical stage in the life of a person. If we check the hindu history then we can see many ancient stories related to womanhood where we can see many sacrifices given by women, and Devi Sita (Wife of Lord Rama) is the biggest example for this. Because in her early age, she went to forest only for the sake of her husband.


In Hindu culture, marriages are considered to be the most necessary stage in the life of an individual. It is the very big responsibility, which the bride and groom should take in their lifetime. Hindu marriages have diverse sorts and with changes in the life and time have adopted the changing philosophies and little variation in the customs and ceremonies. With Nav Hindu you can get the full knowledge of Hindu marriages, their rituals related to the marriages, their beliefs and their culture. In Hinduism marriages is the bond of Seven lives which also called Saat Janam and very few people know that there is no word like Talak (Divorce) in Hindu religion. They believe that ones you get married you have served for seven lives.

Astrology in India is more than five thousand years of old. Indians firmly trust that the stars rule their predetermination and have huge confidence in astrology. It plays a very crucial role in marriages every Hindu family consults astrologist before fixing any marriage ceremony and determining the time of beginning great things. With us you can get to know the latest updates of astrology in Hindi. You can check your daily horoscope and get many conclusions of your question. It provides solutions to overcome misfortune and empower you to keep away the evil impact of the heavenly body.

Rituals and Worship of Gods in Hinduism

Hinduism is one of the most ancient religions in the world. There is proof of this religion and its convictions that dates as far back as 5500 BC. The religion of Hinduism is considered as one of the world’s few primitive religions, which means nobody knows who the main devotees were or how this conviction system came to be. Indeed, even through today, Hinduism has kept is place as one of the world’s top religions. Approximately one billion believers follow the Hindu Religion, it is the third biggest religion on the planet after the main two: Christianity and Islam.


Hinduism is very different and intricate religion, with many different stories about numerous Gods, and practice which includes various distinctive special customs to be performed on religious holidays throughout the year. The religious existence of numerous Hindus is centered around dedication to God (Brahman, Shiva, Vishnu, or Shakti) or several Gods. This dedication normally appears as customs and practices related to sculptures and pictures of God. But no one exactly knows the importance and the reality of these divine powers, that’s Nav Hindu is here to give the complete knowledge about Hindu Religion.


About 80% of the Indian population are the followers of Hindu Religion and every different person have faith in different Hindu Gods. Some are the devotees of Lord Shiva, some people worship Vishnu and some believers in the divine power of devils. There are too many counts of Gods and Shiva is known as the maker and the destroyer god. And Vishnu is known as the preserver god, and he has two other normally known incarnations: Krishna and Rama. Davy, known as the goddess, is the securing mother. She is known as the universe’s inventive vitality and is the equivalent of both Shiva and Vishnu. At last, Ganesh is the elephant-looking god, adored for his status as the remover of deterrents.

The Concepts, Beliefs & Practices of Hinduism

Hinduism is more than an external religion of specific customs and conventions. Hinduism is in certainty a lifestyle; a spiritual code. This otherworldly code or Dharma is at the heart of Hinduism and oversees the good and profound practices of its devotees. Through the practice of Yoga banished in Hindu sacred text disciples can try to accomplish union with God. Beliefs of Hinduism exhorts that each life in this world is holy and every life should be lived. That is the reason Hindus have faith in the practice of no harm to anybody. This is also known as ahinsa.


One among the various remarkable features of Hinduism is the non appearance of any impulse on its followers to do or abstain from a particular religious obligation. Full freedom is given to them to work inside the parameters of the Law of Righteousness. Thus, it will be troublesome for a nonnative to comprehend this religion. According to the Hindu Itihas there are 33 cores gods which are worshiped by the peoples of Hindu Religion. If you want to know about the full history of Hindu Gods then nothing is better then Nav Hindu because we here you get to know about the full History of Hinduism.

There are numerous cults predominant in India, however not perceived as factions, in which the love of some native god is acknowledged in all its roughness without much admixture of reasoning, the main change being that the divinity is described as a form, incarnation or hireling of some outstanding god and that Brahmans are associated with this worship. This propensity of absorbing aboriginal superstitions really brings down the normal level of statement of faith and custom.

Hinduism is a versatile religion it comes from the great Vedic Sages who wrote down the interminable truths of their contemplations. Through the span of the hundreds of years Hinduism has grabbed new thoughts, strategies and has adjusted to various societies. However at the heart of Hinduism remains man’s fundamental mission for union with the Absolute Supreme. Now and then the external assortment of Hinduism seems to veer far from this truth. Be that as it may, Saints and sages all through the ages have tried to reinvigorate Hinduism with the ageless and unceasing message that Hinduism remains for.

Read About Hindu Religion History in Hindi

Every religion has their own rituals and different specific characteristics which separates that specific religion from others. That’s why Hindu religion always stands on top, because Hindu religion is famous all over in the world for their unique and different culture. But there are many hidden facts in Hindu Itihas and lots of people are still not in touch with al these mysteries. Our main task is to introduce people about the hidden facts about the beliefs of Hindu culture. We discuss some sacred elements of the Hindu religion with their particular importance and significance.


Indian peoples give more importance to Jyotish (Astrology). India is famous for its rich tradition and the peoples of India has a great beliefs in Jyotish. They use to consult Jyotish before doing any important task, even Hindu marriages also fix through jyotish vidya. They have belief that by doing this they can secure there-self from any kind of misshaping. With the help of us you can read online jyotish in Hindi and can explore some important facts about the vedic astrology.

We introduce you with the whole Indian History and ancient stories related to Hinduism. We all know that Hindu religion is the worlds third largest religion and have billions of followers. Navy Hindu provides you the best platform where you can find every small facts of Hinduism. Here you can see the religious videos in Hindi which will help you to know more about the Hinduism culture.

Hindu religion believed that human body made up with the two things and that is body and soul. According to Hindu stories in India the soul (Atma) is thought to be everlasting and endless. It can be contrasted with vitality since vitality as indicated by researchers is not made or demolished. In the Bhagavad Gita (The Holy Book Of Hindus) Lord Krishna introduces all facts about the journey of human life. Our main motto is to introduce the people about the value and importance of Indian Hindu culture.

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Hinduism is the World’s most sacred and the oldest religion. Hinduism is a way of life and is often called as the eternal law beyond human origins. Hindu practices include rituals such as worship and recitations, meditation, family-oriented rites of passage, annual festivals, and pilgrimages. Every Hindu should follow honesty, ahimsa, patience, forbearance, self-restraint, compassion…. To read more hindu religion blogs, feel free visit official website